Crazy Business Ideas That Made Millions

As we all know the World is changing constantly with speed. The new and easy business ideas can replace the old ones every day. There are some Crazy Business Ideas That Made Millions. Mostly now the youth is following them to reach success.

12 Unique And Crazy Business Ideas

Here are some unique crazy business ideas which people follow and can survive in this modern World. These ideas are some simple and common but some crazy business ideas worked. Some of these unique business ideas have not yet been implemented. So let’s come to know about the weird business ideas that made millions in the world.

Potato parcel:

We all think that this is a time-wasting activity but Alex Craig joined this thing as a business. He started his business with the parcel of the potato and he wrote something like a message. He sends these messages to the friends and the dear ones.

His dear ones were aware of the people through this, and after this, he introduced a site for the potato parcel business and earned a reasonable profit through it. As this is a new and unique business idea. He made millions through it.

After this advertisement, the peoples offers to send these potatoes to the other peoples with their message. Alex made about $10,000 through sales per month after his site launched. They sold up to 3000 spuds in the beginning four months.


The Snuggie is like a regular blanket, but it comes with sleeves. Imagine being all wrapped up in a cozy blanket, but still having your arms free to do stuff.

Scott Boilen, the person behind the Snuggie, came up with a funny way to tell people about it. He showed families wearing Snuggies while doing funny things like roasting marshmallows and cheering at sports events in TV commercials.

Boilen thought this was a good idea because the Snuggie itself is a bit funny. It is like a blanket with sleeves. So, he decided to advertise it funnily too. It worked well. The funny ads helped them make more than $200 million.

That is the Snuggie magic. It started with a clever idea and turned into a sensation. They didn’t just sell blankets, they sold a whole new way to stay warm and comfortable. And here’s the cool part, they didn’t just quietly sell it.

Million dollar Homepage:

The Million Dollar Homepage started on August 26, 2005, and quickly became super popular on the internet. Big news outlets like the BBC, Sky News, and The Daily Telegraph even talked about it. Advertise it so much to aware people of this another unique idea.

Here is the cool idea they called “pixel advertising.” People could buy tiny squares (pixels) on the homepage for just $1 each. They had to get at least a hundred at a time. Each pixel could have a link to the buyer’s website and a slogan that showed up when someone put their cursor over it.

The person who started it all, Alex Tew, sold all the pixels by January 11, 2016. Can you believe he earned $1,037,100 from this crazy online business idea? He said the idea was so new and interesting that it spread like wildfire on the internet, making it a big success.

The Pet Rock Phenomenon

Gary Dahl is the mastermind person who is behind the idea of the pet rock. He made around $15 million in just six months. Now selling rocks might sound weird. But Gary Dahl made it work and became a millionaire in no time.

So, let’s come to know how He sold these rocks for only $3.95. Would he put them on a comfy bed of hay? For each rock he sold, he made about three dollars in profit. He marketed them as hassle-free pets.

Each rock came in a cardboard box with a pet training manual. Surprisingly, people loved the idea, and these pet rocks became a massive hit, turning into one of the most successful trends ever.

Gary Dahl’s genius didn’t stop selling business for rocks. He created an entire experience around the Pet Rock craze. People embraced the simplicity and humor of having a rock as a pet, making it a conversation starter and a symbol of carefree living.

The Pet Rock phenomenon serves as a quirky reminder that sometimes, the simplest ideas can capture the imagination of the masses and turn into unexpected success stories.

Antenna Balls:

The selling of antenna balls become very popular these antenna balls are most commonly used to hang in cars or used as a key chain. There are chances that you or your parents had one of those iconic yellow smiley-faced antenna balls on your car.

Jason Wall turned this simple idea into a lucrative venture. Inspired by a Jack in the Box commercial in 1997. Wall started designing and selling these antenna balls locally in California in 1998. Within a year, he made over a million in sales and secured deals to sell his product. They introduced it more selling through major national chains like Walmart. In 2009, Wall rose to become the CEO and president of In-Concept Inc.

Santa letters:

Santa Mail came up with a fun idea to make Christmas special for kids worldwide. They got a postal code in the North Pole, Alaska, and charged parents $10. They send personalized letters from Santa to their children. Despite some thinking, it was a bit crazy.

Santa Mail convinced 200,000 parents to join in, making millions in revenue and bringing joy to countless kids. This playful initiative by Santa Mail didn’t just stop at letters.

They went the extra mile, offering personalized packages from the North Pole. It is complete with festive goodies and a touch of magic. Parents embraced the idea, turning a simple letter into a cherished Christmas tradition.

Santa Mail’s success highlights the power of creativity in bringing joy and wonder to the holiday season, proving that even unconventional ideas can create memorable experiences for families around the world.

Billy-Bob Teeth:

1993, Jonah White witnessed something unusual. A dental student Rich Bailey charming people with a set of unattractive false teeth. It is interesting, that Jonah struck up a conversation with Bailey, who eventually agreed to share the secrets behind crafting these teeth.

The dynamic duo joined forces and birthed the business known as Billy-Bob Teeth. Fast forward to today, and their quirky creation has sold a whopping 20 million units.

It brings approximately $40 million in sales. This unexpected success story reminds us that sometimes, the most unconventional ideas can lead to remarkable achievements. Many of the people who are sitting idols can start their businesses like these people. In a short time, they can also work with them and achieve the heights of success.

Beanie Babies:

The mastermind behind Beanie Babies is Ty Warner. He made an incredible three to six billion dollars with a simple idea.

He filled a sack with beans, added ears, and gave it a cute name. Even though some people called Ty’s under-stuffed animals roadkill. Things changed when 30,000 were sold at the first toy show in Atlanta. Ty Warner’s empire grew and he became remarkable.

He didn’t advertise or sell in big stores like Toys. He makes his toys harder to find and more desirable. Ty would retire models once they sold out, making them even more special.

In the Beanie Baby craze’s peak, Ty earned a whopping $700 million in one year. Some might call it a scam, but it became the craziest fad frenzy ever, turning these collectables into a phenomenon.

Tee shirts with tweets:

Tee Tweets struck gold by selling high-quality t-shirts featuring actual tweets. When celebrities make funny or silly tweets, they print them on shirts and sell them.

It is a cool idea, and fans, as well as those who enjoy irony, buy these shirts. People happily pay for t-shirts featuring tweets from famous figures like ex-president Obama and Ricky Gervais.

This clever concept turned Tee Tweets into a trendsetter. The idea of wearing a tweet on your shirt became a fun and unique way for fans to express their admiration or amusement. The business soared as more celebrities joined in the tweet-worthy moments.

From political wit to celebrity humor, Tee Tweets captured the essence of social media in a tangible and wearable form. It’s more than just a shirt; it’s a conversation starter, a statement piece, and a piece of pop culture all rolled into one. In a world full of tweets, Tee Tweets made them fashionably unforgettable.

Big Mouth Billy Bass:

Big Mouth Billy Bass is the singing fish on a wooden plaque. It was super popular in the early 2000s. Everyone seemed to have one, including George Bush in the Oval Office and Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral.

The person who thought up this funny idea was Joe Pellettieri. The Vice President of Product Development at Gemmy Industries. He explained in an interview that he always goes for what makes him laugh, and the thought of a fish singing.

Even though Big Mouth Billy Bass made almost $100 million for Gemmy Industries, the big bosses didn’t like the idea at first. But it turned out to be a purple cow.

As Seth Godin would say something so unique and remarkable that it stands out. It wasn’t just weird. It was the first in the industry to have an electric mechanism that made the fish’s head move and sing, making it even more special.

Lucky Break Wishbones:

If you always missed out on getting the turkey wishbone during the yearly scramble. Lucky Break Wishbone is here for you. Ken Ahroni is the brain behind this idea.

He got the inspiration during a Thanksgiving dinner in 1999 when he noticed many people wished they had their wishbone.

In 2004, he took a big step. Ken closed down his consulting business to start Lucky Break Wishbone Corp. He officially sells his special plastic wishbones. Within just two years, the company made nearly one million in sales. By distributing its unique product to over 40 states across the country.

Slap Bracelets:

Those colourful slap bracelets were more than just a fashion statement. They were a craze. Stuart Andrews was the mastermind behind this simple yet genius idea. It turned an ordinary high school shop teacher into a millionaire.

Kids everywhere couldn’t get enough of these snappy accessories, slapping them on with pure delight. Stuart’s invention not only brought joy to countless children.

It also added a playful rhythm to the fashion trends of the time. Slap bracelets became a symbol of fun and individuality. Leaving an enduring mark on the memories of those who grew up in the ’90s.

Flow Bee:

Rich Hunts created a hair-clipping device known as Flowbee. It is designed to connect to a vacuum cleaner for a cleaner haircut experience. Taking Flowbee to a late-night TV show proved to be a game-changer. It is leading to the sale of over two million units of his innovative product.

The Flowable is a smart hair-cutting tool created by Rich Hunts. It’s like magic attaches to your vacuum cleaner and makes haircuts way less messy. Rich took Flowbee on a TV show at night. More than two million people loved it and bought one for themselves.

Flowbee is not just any hair gadget. It is a game-changer. You can cut your hair at home without making a big mess, thanks to this clever invention. After showing up on TV, everyone wanted a piece of Flowbee. Making it a must-have for those who love a neat and easy haircut experience. Thanks to Rich Hunts, getting a haircut at home has never been this cool and clean.


What is the best business to start to make millions?

Here are some best business ideas which we start to make millions in this competitive World.

  1. Real Estate Business.
  2. Sell products for pets.
  3. Potato Parcel.
  4. Milion Dollar Homepage.
  5. Start an online store.
  6. Start Amazon Virtual Assistant.
  7. Digital Marketing.

What are crazy business ideas?

I have some crazy startup ideas which help you most in growing your business.

  1. Become a Professional Cuddler.
  2. Get Hired as a Designated Driver.
  3. Help Clients With Their Hangovers.
  4. I Wear Your Shirt and Other Unique Advertising.
  5. Be a Clown.

What business can make me a trillionaire?

The person who successfully taps into and sells solar energy on a large scale could become the world’s first trillionaire. Similarly, the individual who leads the way in making space travel or colonization a mainstream commercial venture could also claim the title of the first trillionaire.

What business can I do to make quick money?

I have some business ideas which are the cause of making quick money.

  1. Develop and sell chatbots to fellow business owners.
  2. Offer expertise as an online fundraising consultant.
  3. Earn by blogging about educational topics.
  4. Utilize your knowledge to teach online classes.
  5. Venture into eco-friendly app development.
  6. Generate income through social crowdfunding efforts.
  7. Author and publish your ebooks for profit.

What are small businesses that made millions?

Small businesses like Dollar Shave Club, Ring, and Instagram have achieved immense success, making millions through innovation and disruption. These ventures, from shaving solutions to smart doorbells and social media platforms, showcase the potential for substantial earnings with the right approach. Their stories emphasize the transformative power of creativity and entrepreneurial vision in the business world.


So, in the business world, these really weird ideas made tons of money. Selling rocks, singing fish, and other strange stuff turned into big successes, showing that thinking outside the box can lead to amazing results. These stories teach us that even the craziest ideas can become super successful in business.


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